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Predator 56RX - Performance Stump Grinder & Grounds Clearance Power Pack

THE compact size and maneuverability of Predator’s 56RX stump grinder makes for minimal impact in woodlands and workable areas. Utilising the rear hydraulic power take off, and combined with a powerful forestry mulcher attachment, it quickly transforms into a highly capable ground-clearance machine.

The 56RX is both a high-performance tree stump grinder and compact powerpack; the mulching unit will comfortably handle green material from between 70–100 mm diameter.

For sites where right of way clearance is required and vegetation and tree stumps need to be removed, one unit capable of tackling both can be a huge advantage. The compact size of the 56RX also makes site clearance in residential areas much easier for the operator.

The radio-controlled tracked Predator 56RX has it all – narrow access, high performance and capability for the big jobs. With a width of only 31 inches, the 56RX delivers serious results even when tough access arises. The variable tracks quickly extend up to 46 inches, allowing for stability on rough terrain and inclines.

Owner of Treeline Services, James Jackman, said of the Predator 56RX: “For a big machine, we are very impressed with its maneuverability. Its retractable tracks make it possible to get through most gateways, an advantage when competing on cost and timeframes for work.

“The Predator team are always very accommodating and put together a great part exchange deal for us, making the whole process very easy.”

With a rear hydraulic PTO that caters to a variety of attachments including a powerful forestry mulcher and a seven-tonne winch, the 56RX quickly turns from stump grinding to a versatile clearance tool. 

James added: “The 56RX has a lot of power and the feedback from my operators has been nothing but positive. The machine is a lot quieter and easier to maintain than its predecessor, the 50RX.”

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