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Thor's Trees - Meet the pro's handling tough access stump removal in London with the Predator 360

Lawrence-Thor Stephen is founder of Thor's Trees, a popular arboricultural company based in North London


Working as an arborist in London has its challenges, one of the greatest being able to get machinery into gardens with tight and narrow access points. After a tree has been removed, perhaps due to disease, safety or simply being in an inconvenient place - the stump remains, and a grinder is required to remove the root system.

With so many arboricultural professionals asked to remove tree stumps, and with the vast majority of stump grinders on the market designed without narrow access in mind, it’s essential that the operator has the right kit to tackle jobs that arise. That’s why Thor’s Trees, based in North London, purchased two narrow access Predator 360 stump grinders.

At only 26 inches in width, the 360 is much narrower than the standard garden gate and alleyway, making it simple for Thor’s Trees to remove tough access stumps with ease, especially within London properties that are shoulder to shoulder, often with difficult access.

The Predator 360 boasts an impressive cutting depth of up to 14 inches, making it one of the most productive pedestrian stump grinders available. With a fold over handle and a weight of 145kg, this machine is highly transportable.

The central pivot allows a wide cutting slew through the stump, turning a job that should be hard work into a simple process that can be repeated over and over without tiring the operator.

Lawrence-Thor, Managing Director of Thor’s Trees said, “I chose Predator as they’re the best on the market, they have a great reputation and their customer service is excellent.”

Lawrence mentioned that the 360 was a great choice, with a quick return on investment compared to hiring a stump grinder.

“In terms of ROI we managed to pay off the Predator 360 stump grinder in three months thanks to the accessibility to many jobs it enables.”

The maneuverable, well built, efficient, powerful machine has a patented multi-tip cutting system, delivering approximately 30% more performance than standard finger teeth. Combine this with the extra productivity the central pivot delivers, and the Predator 360 is in a league of it's own regards access and productivity.

“It has a great swing for such a compact grinder, at 812mm or sixty degrees, it’s unmatched by any other stump grinder on the market.”

Taking on projects of all sizes, Thor’s Trees offers a wide range of services including tree surgery maintenance, tree felling and removal. The team work with a variety of clients from domestic, through to private and public sector partners, estate agents, property management, planning development firms, and local schools.

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